About us

About the company

We are web agency based in Panevėžys. Our goal is to create innovative and modern web projects. We have a great experience in developing Websites, E-Commerce solutions, Custom web based solutions, Mobile friendly websites. Working with our clients, we are always loyal and flexible. All these qualities help us and our clients to keep up in today’s business highway.

How we work

Every work begins from the smallest details.

1. Meeting

During the meeting, we will discuss your goals and project purpose.

2. Client’s and Competitors analysis

After your business and competitor business analysis, we will evaluate the pros and cons.

3. Project conception

Summarizing the collected information, we will prepare a project concept.

4. Design

We will cooperate with you during the design process, until we meet project goals.

5. Project programming

At this point we will start a programming work to develop all functions needed.

6. Testing and publishing

After all programming work is done, we will test your project and publish it.

Our wonderful clients we loved to work with